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I love theme park and entertainment design. Ever since a fateful trip to Walt Disney World when I was a child, I have been dreaming up ideas for places that can transport you to another place, another time, another world. This website showcases a few of these dream worlds. Enjoy!

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Professional Portfolio>
Some of the work I've done for other companies


Theme Park Ideas>
All my personal ideas for theme parks


If I Ran the Park>
Design Ideas for existing theme parks


Theme Dreams™>
To see more theme park ideas, including work from guest artists, click on the castle portal to visit Theme Dreams™ and explore that world


Other Worlds>
Other entertainment design ideas


SketchUp With Relish>
How I use SketchUp as a design tool


About Me>
• Contact info.
• Clients & Projects I've worked on
• How I became an Entertainment Designer
• My journey to where I am now

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